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Aerated autoclaved concrete (AAC) blocks are a high quality building material that offers a unique combination of strength, low weight, thermal insulation, sound absorption, unsurpassed fire resistance and unprecedented build ability. AAC is a natural and non-toxic construction material, saves energy, and is friendly to your environment.

High Strength

High pressure steam curing autoclaving process gives AAC unmatched strength to weight ratio, which far exceeds the Indian Building code requirements

Light Weight

AAC blocks have a density range of 451 kg/cum to 750 kg/cum. This results in total cost savings as well as a faster construction period.

Cost Effective

Being lightweight, AAC drastically reduces the dead weight of building, resulting into reduction in steel (up to 20%) and cement (up to 25%) structural cost saving. Lighter product reduces transport costs as well being 15 times the size of a clay brick, AAC wall construction involves 1/15 of joints, thus an overall mortar saving up to 66%

Sound Proof

AAC walls have an excellent sound transmission class (STC) rating of 44. Which results to virtually soundproof interiors, which in turn provides Excellent Acoustic Performance.

Superior Durability

AAC blocks are highly durable and can bear adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, they are earthquake resistant. Being ultra-light weight helps AAC be long lasting. Regions of high seismic activity like Japan exclusively use AAC. As it has proven to withstand wind loads of category 5 tropical storms.

Fire Resistant

Best in class fire rating of 4 hours. The melting point of AAC is over 1600 celcius. more than twice the typical temperature in a building fire of 650 celcius. AAC Blocks helps reduce the construction time by upto 20%. Different sizes of blocks help reduce the number of joints in wall masonry. Easy to install. It sets and hardens very quickly. Lighter blocks make construction easier and faster.

Advantage of ACC Blocks

1. Energy saving eco friendly; helps reduce carbon footprints. Manufactured from recycled material with zero wastage Quicken up construction by up to 30%

2. Dimensionally accurate & easy work ability Factory finished with superb surface finish; easily accepts renders & plasters Use of standard tools to cut, saw, chisel, drill & shape

3. Unmatched properties Super Lightweight: 1/3rd the density of clay bricks Non-combustible wit superior fire resistance Exceptional thermal & acoustic insulation No cavity construction; eliminates termites, rodents pests & fungal growth

4. Guaranteed saving Reduces foundation load of the building up to 30% Reduces power consumption by 27 % Steel & Cement saving by 18% & 12% respectively
ACC Blocks

Property Unit Value
Face Size Mm 625 x 200, 625 x 250, 625 x 225
Thickness *
Dry Weight
75 100 125 150 200 230
Compressive Strength **min N/mm2 4
Normal Dry Density Kg/m2 551-600
Thermal Conductivity W/m-k 0.12
Sound Reduction*** db 37-42
Fire Resistance Load Bearing
(200 mm thickness)
Hrs 4
Non Load Bearing
(100 mm thickness)
Hrs 4

*Other thickness can be given on request

**Confirming to IS 2185 (Part3), 1995 Grade 2

***Depends on the Thickness

#based on interpolation – 4 Hrs for 15mm thick – Not Tested