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Bitumen Viscosity Grade VG-10/30 Viscosity Grade Bitumen(Asphalt) is a Bitumen grade mostly used as a Paving Grade and it's suitable for road construction and for the asphalt pavements producing with premier attributes. VG Bitumen is usually used in the production of hot mix asphalt.

VG-10 is mostly used in spraying applications such as surface dressing and Paving in very cold climate instead of 80/100 penetration bitumen grade. It is also used to produce Bitumen Emulsion and Modified Bitumen products. VG-30 is especially used to construct extra heavy duty Bitumen pavements that need to tolerate significant traffic loads. It can be used instead of 60/70 penetration bitumen grade.

Grade Standard Bitumen VG 10(80/100) Bitumen VG 30(60/70)
Type of Bitumen Bitumen
Usage/Application Road Construction
Packaging Type Loose, Drums